Good Grief – It’s a Gluten-Free Christmas

Christmas can be one of the most frustrating times of the year to eat gluten free. Every time you turn around there are cookies and candies full of gluten to tempt you. You “get” to go to more parties and special lunches and dinner than any other time of the year, and each one is full of landmines. What do you say to your host? Will you get strange looks when you ask the waiter a whole lot of questions when you are out with your entire department?

And then there are the family events. How do you explain that you can’t eat Aunt Louise’s special Christmas tarts or that you need your sister to cook the turkey without stuffing? How do you resist eating just one of the candy cane cookies that the children in your family have left for Santa every year for as long as you can remember. What about the special Christmas Eve rituals that involve sharing foods that are made with wheat? How do you not participate? Should you just stay away so that everyone else doesn’t have a bad time?

Good Grief – It’s a Gluten Free Christmas is a special report to helps you figure out how to deal with all of these social situations. Full of practical suggestions, it will help you learn to re-orient your own thinking about holiday events. It offers tips on dealing with cravings at the moment you are faced with that gluten-laden treat and even offers 10 Tips for Being a Great Gluten-Free Guest.

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